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Wright By Me
Jenny Wright
Hello, I’m Jenny, Welcome to my blog!
Let me first start off by giving thanks to the Good Lord for the many blessings he has placed in my life.
I’m a 20 something year old mother, wife, bargain shopper and a notorious DIYer. I love making bows, tutus and bow holders for my little girl. I also enjoy crocheting, baking, party planning and interior decorating.

I am a first time home owner and a first time mommy so naturally I’m consumed with decorating and taking care of my beautiful toddler. At the moment I am a SAHM and working on getting my bachelors in nursing. My husband is former military and now a police officer, so needless to say I know what it is like to be on a tight budget. For that reason alone I made this blog to help others with a budget create delicious food, arrange beautiful parties, and to learn how to transform your home into a magazine worthy space without breaking the bank.

Frugality is the key to success and I have learned over the past few years how to be thrifty in almost everything I do. You will find me frequently scouring aisle after aisle looking for the biggest bang for my buck. If I don’t succeed than you will find me doing everything in my power to recreate something I love but cannot afford. I am very passionate about all that I do and give everything my whole heart and hope that I will be able to share with you the many blessings that God has given me.

                                                                                                                     - Jenny

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  1. Stumbled across your blog yesterday ! Look forward to seeing ur bargain finds, and diy's :)
    hodgemomma @