Button Storage

I cleaned out my pantry the other day and wanted to get it all organized like the numerous pics I have seen on Pinterest.

So I took everything out, cleaned and organized using baskets and plastic containers from the dollar store.

Well, I found this really old spice rack thing in the back of the closet. It was all dusty and had clumped together spices in it!

I was not about to use that thing! So I figured out a way to reuse it in my craft room:)
As an organizer for my buttons!! it spins too making it extra awesome!!

I cleaned it off, sanded it a little bit so the paint would stick and cleaned out the glass containers.
Using my circle hole punch and some mod podge I made little circles to cover a majority of the lids. you could also spray paint them with paint or even chalk board paint! or just make new labels for them with your printer and sticker paper. I choose to just go with paper in a different color to match my craft room, but whatever floats your boat;)

I love the way it turned out! It's super functional and will look great just sitting on my craft table:)

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