Fall Pinterest Party

I have been wanting to have a Pinterest Party for the longest time, but didn't know where to begin.
I didn't want everyone just to bring stuff and make different projects, I wanted to actually host the party, like an actual party (if that makes sense)
With the cooler weather coming in and fall being my favorite season, I decided to host a fall Pinterest Party:)
I choose 3 different project for us girls to do, broke down the cost per person, and purchased everything. I decided we were going to make fall wreaths, 2x4 pumpkins, and mason jars sconces. It came out to $25.00/ per person, which is actually pretty good! considering you can't even purchase a ready made wreath for $25.00.
Of course every girls night/party needs food and drinks! I provided drinks and asked all the girls to bring a dish they found on Pinterest. I was floored by the amount of food and how delicious everything turned out. We had an awesome spread: sandwiches, wraps, pinwheels, tortilla casserole, chicken spaghetti, antipasto skewers with tortellini, Niemen Marcus dip and crackers, bbq shrimp, and jalapeño poppers. For dessert there was almond joy brownies, maple pumpkin dump cake, and pumpkin muffins. For the drinks there was water, tea, assorted cokes, (if you live in Texas you know all sodas are called coke lol) assorted liquor for mixed drinks, and I made cran-apple vodka punch! It was yummy!!
It turned out simply amazing! Everyone had a wonderful time and I enjoyed seeing my girlfriends get super creative. I cannot wait to have another one... maybe for Christmas;)
(warning picture heavy)


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