You Nailed It!

I created some adorable  little game gifts for my friend's baby shower. The theme was shabby chic, so I knew for sure I wanted to use a mason jar, but I didn't want it to be something edible. I wanted it to be something they could actually use.
The thank you favor was a homemade brown sugar hand scrub in a small mason jar, so I followed that through with the gifts. I made mani/pedis in a jar:)

All you need is:
A mason jar, shredded paper, cotton balls, mini nail polish, and a manicure set.
I found these manicure sets at Michaels.
Five below also some!

For the fabric: I cut some fabric into square sheets with pinking sheers to avoid fray.
Then I just laid the fabric over the top of the jar and lid, then used lid ring to lock it in place. Coordinating twine and handmade tags finished this cute little gift.


  1. Love this! Where did you get the manicure set?

    1. Thanks! I found the manicure set at Michael's it was only 2 bucks:)

  2. How did you make the cute labels?

  3. Where did you get the covers that go beneath the lid?