When my hubby gets home from work he has the same routine. Throw his keys, wallet, glasses, cuffs and badge on the counter. Then puts his gun belt in a safe place and goes to the bedroom to change. With the exception of his gun belt he is constantly "misplacing" the items above (could it be that they are carelessly tossed on the counter) and we spend endless hours looking for his stuff only to find that our 2 year old has put them in a safe place of her own:). Cute storage to the rescue! I found some trays in dollar bin at Target that were the perfect size. I initially used them for my daughter's playroom to house small coloring books, dress up tiaras and headbands and TV, DVD and cable remotes. I figured I could just pick up some more for around the rest of the house since they are only 2.50 each but they are pink and green so in comes the paint:)
Its really simple... just give a little sand, prime and paint it the color or your choice. The brown/black one is for my hubby to put his stuff in... now no more looking for lost keys!

This one got a coat of white paint for my desk in my craft room. I lined the bottom with scrapbook paper and Modge Podge to give it a little bit of personality:)

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