Party Planning

I suffer from "fundsarelow" disease so planning my little one's birthday parties can be pretty tough. I love throwing parties but with a family of 40 people they can become quite pricey. I have them here at my house for the simple fact that it's free, but it can get crowded really fast. I think next year I will be having my daughter's birthday at the park. She LOVES Spongebob right now so I am planning on having her a "Spongebob in a tutu" themed birthday party. There was an episode where Spongebob and Patrick visited a new toy store that just opened up. Spongebob tried on a tutu and Patrick asked him, "Spongebob, why are you wearing a tutu?" Spongebob replied, "It's not a tutu, Patrick, It's a mantu. With extra support."  I felt that having a little girly girl, who loves the color pink, it was appropriate to go with that theme. Here are a few tips to keep birthday parties cute and with a tight budget.

Invites: Make your own!! they almost always get thrown away so might as well make them as super cheap as you can. Noone will care! I admit I don't save invites unless there is a photo of the birthday person.
You can make some cute ones with cardstock and your own computer just be creative:)

Food: For my daughter's birthday we will just grill hamburgers and hotdogs (Krabby Patties and Salty Dogs) it goes so well with the theme.

Decoration: I like to go through the dollar bins at Target they always have great stuff for decorations or goody bags. The kiddos will be walking away with some cute butterfly nets (jellyfishing nets).
I also like to save money by pairing a theme dessert plate with a regular plate and solid color napkins in your matching party colors.

Spongebob dessert plates with regular pink ones

and a mix of pink and yellow napkins.

Serve cupcakes on this cute Spongebob cupcake stand

You can make your own or just buy some from Walmart (only $5.00/dozen) the buttercream ones are really good:)

To go along with the theme let the kids take home their very own "Pineapple under the sea".
I found these super cute Pineapple Cups

Another theme to try is Scooby Doo he seems to be big with the little ones right now.

You can serve sub sandwiches since he is always eating them on the show and for a fun treat serve bone shaped Scooby snacks (you can find them at grocery stores, they are basically graham crackers shaped like bones) inside dollar store dog bowls.

The kiddos will get a kick out of that! and no Scooby Doo birthday is complete without these adorable

Have fun planning your next party!


  1. I am in the middle of planning my daughters first birthday and found it adorable and cheap decoration idea with streamers.


  2. Erin, So cute!! I love using streamers in differnt ways and I will have to try that! I had no idea you could sew them like that without them ripping. Thanks for the link!