Birdy Houses

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I ate and ate and ate until I couldn't eat anymore and it was AMAZING:)

I found these cute little bird houses at Michael's in the dollar section and just had to have them. I figured I could just put them in my craft room for a little fun and quirky touch.

I just found some coordinating scrapbook paper in the colors of my craft room. Don't be scared to pick different colors and patterns just find one that has all the colors in it in a daring pattern (like the paisley print I found) and pull colors from that. Using different patterns will give it more personality. Just keep the pattern different sizes to keep it from looking too busy. The paisley is a large pattern, the stripes a medium and the green polka dot a small size. Get it? and this works for anytime you want to coordinate, for instance pillow fabric:)

Cut the paper to size

Make a hole using a hole punch for the little bird pirch thingy:)

Dry fit and trace your thumb around the bigger hole to make an imprint.

 Punch a hole in the imprint so you can begin cutting the circle out.

Cover with Mod Podge

Place the paper on and paint some more Mod Podge on and let it dry.

Continue on all sides and decorate as you like.

Aren't they darling??!!

Mine will just sit on a shelf in my craft room, but these would look so cute in a baby's room hanging from the ceiling like a mobile (just make sure to hang far enough from the crib that if they fall they won't fall on baby)
Or you could hang like 10 or 15 of them on a wall like a collage (how awesome would that be!)
They could even be good decorations for a baby shower, birthday party or even dressed up elegantly for a wedding:) The possibilities are endless. If you make one send me a pic! I'd love to see how they turn out.

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