Isabel, The Owl

As you know I have been working on my daughter's "big girl" room for quite a little while now, I wanted to wait until it was completely done before sharing it with you all. Life has gotten in the way though, and I haven't been able to spend as much time working on it as I would like. I am still in search of the perfect rug, owl lamp, and knick knacks for the shelves, and dresser. I don't want her room to be too cluttered though, because it's a tiny room!
One of my most favorite additions to her room is the hand painted tree mural I painted on the wall, also I added three shelves to the tree to make it fun, and functional. I needed to now find some items for the shelf! There's a picture, and small picture frame with a picture of mommy, and daddy, a small owl coin bank, a book (I'm looking for a couple of more books that she could read), and her newest friend Isabel, The Owl.

 She is just so adorable!! We love her so much, and she is named after my grandmother, Isabel:)
I found the amazing shop Lou Loves This while searching for handmade dolls via Etsy. I saw the beautiful dolls, and just knew I had to have one for my daughter. I contacted the shop owner, Louise to see if she could make an owl (we love owls) that matches my daughter's big girl room. She was so sweet, and excited to be able to create this special friend for my munchkin. I sent her a picture of my daughter's room, so she could get the feel I was going for and the colors involved. She drew up a sketch, and Isabel was born. She is so perfect, exactly what I envisioned:)
Visit Lou Loves This Blog to see more of her amazing work, to see some of the sketches she makes to create these one of kind beauties, and tutorials for adorable items, like a cute little pin cushion.
Louise is extremely talented, and such a joy to do business with! I cannot say enough good things about her. I am so blessed to have found her, and so very thankful she was able to create something that my daughter, and I will cherish forever:) Thank you Louise!

Jaelyn & Isabel






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