First Day of School and Hello Kitty Bento

Today was Jaelyn's first day of Pre K!
It's bitter sweet.... I am so excited for my baby girl, but sad to see her grow so fast:(
I don't know where the time went.
It feels like it was just the other day I was bringing her home from the hospital, and now she's putting on her own uniform and telling me how to do her hair.
I'm sure all you mommies out there know exactly how I am feeling.
I am going to take a million pictures, play tea party, dollies, and dress up everyday, and say yes as often as I can.
These moments are so precious and I am going to cherish every bit of it.
<3 my sweet angel
 On a side note:
I am really excited about her getting to bring her lunch to school everyday!
I made a school lunch board on Pinterest and get so inspired by all the creativity there is out there. Turning something as simple as a school lunch into edible art is absolutely fascinating:)
Bento boxes are popular right now, so I decided to hop aboard the Bento train, and make my lovey some awesome lunches!

Hello Kitty Bento
I made this bento box for Jaelyn's first day of school, because she LOVES Hello Kitty.
The Bento box is from Target in the Back to School section
The bow storage box, and silicone cups are also from Target, I found them in the dollar section.
The food picks, and Hello Kitty rice mold I purchased via EBay, they came all the way from
Hong Kong!
I found this super cute tutorial on Create Eat Happy and knew I wanted to make this one. I love finding new ways to incorporate veggies in my daughter's diet, because she just doesn't eat any.
I changed it up a little bit, by just adding egg rolls, fruit, apple juice, and cookies to create a complete meal for my picky eater:)

The rice mold was super easy to use and turned out SO cute! I couldn't find the Hello Kitty nori punch, so I had to cut the eyes, and whiskers out with scissors. Also, the only bell peppers I could find were huge, and fat! Go Texas!! so my "apples" came out a little bigger than the tutorial, but that's OK! and I was still able to make 6 stuffed peppers with 1lb of pork. The only problem I had was the meat fell right out of the pepper lol! I used the leaf food pick to kind of hold it together though. I think it turned out great! I wish I was a fly on the wall in her class to see her reaction.

If you make a cute lunch for your little people please share! I'd love to see more creative ideas:)


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