DIY Christmas tree bows

With Christmas just around the corner my FB news feed is flooding with pictures of Christmas trees.
I usually pull out my Christmas tree December 1st, but I decided to change the colors of my formal living room this year, so naturally I needed to change my Christmas décor to match;)
I have a HUGE tree and accumulated a lot of ornaments and tree décor over the years, so I had to replace a lot!
Last year my tree was gold and green and this year I wanted to go with the popular burlap, and aqua blue combo. I also decided to keep the gold and also add some cream into the mix.
I love the way the little bows look in my Christmas tree, but I had a heard time finding the aqua color I had in mind. Most Christmas décor is traditionally red and green, but that was something I wanted to really step away from. I decided to make my own bows using wired ribbon from Hobby Lobby in my perfect color. I think they turned out fantastic:)
Here is a picture tutorial for these easy DIY Christmas tree bows.
Happy bow making!
DIY Christmas tree bows
  • Wired ribbon (your choice size and color)
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners, wire or twist ties
  • lighter (for sealing ends of ribbon)

Cut a piece about 6.5 inches

Pinch in middle

Fold in half (this will be the bottom of the bow)

Cut another piece about 10.5 inches long

Fold both sides over, so they over lap a little

Pinch center to make bow shape for top

Put bottom and top piece together

Secure with pipe cleaner, twist tie or floral wire

All done! Now you have cute little bows to put in your tree:)


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