I will never buy another accent pillow again!!

Why? because they are super duper easy to make and a shmashmillion times cheaper than buying em retail. I should start off by saying I am very new to sewing! My good ole pops bought me a sewing machine a few Christmas' ago and it kind of just sat around until I got the courage to try it out. I never used a sewing machine before except for a one time project, a very long time ago in my home ec class. I googled how to thread it (easy peasy) then practiced sewing my little heart out! I still don't really know how to do anything more than a straight stitch, nor do I know all the ins and outs of my sewing maching, but I sure can sew a mean straight line:)

Anyways, as ya'll know I am redecorating my family room and was in need of accent pillows for my new sectional and chair. Retail pillows are so expensive (especially the ones I like) so I decided to take on the daunting task of making my very own (with zipper closures).

Ambitious? I know!! I wanted to practice first so I picked up some cheap cloth napkins from Target for only 9.99 for a set of 4 (that's 2 pillows).
They are 19x19 which were the perfect size to make a 18x18 pillow cover.
Use a 20x20 pillow insert for 18x18 covers so they are nice and full and won't slouch over time.

Start with right sides facing eachother.

Then measure 2 inches in on both sides (this will create your opening for the zipper).

Sew across to 2 inch marking on both sides creating your opening.

Then open up, press and pin folding the opening to create a hem for the opening.

Sew down the opening.

When you flip it over it will look like the above photo. You have just created you opening for the zipper.

I used an all purpose zipper from Walmart, but you can get them at any craft store.

Now, you are going to mark about half way from the top to the opening on both sides (this is where you will sew your zipper ends).

Again about half way between the top of the napkin hem and the opening you have just created.

Cut to size.

Start by sewing the zipper down on end side of zipper (make sure the slider on the zipper is facing down)

Follow the hem line sewing the zipper all the way down and repeat on other side and at other end

The above photo shows what the zipper should look when all sewed in (notice the slider facing down)

Keeping the zipper opened (so you can flip to the right side when done) and right sides facing eachother sew the remaining 3 sides together following the napkin hem as your 1/2" hem. Flip to the rightside, insert your pillow form and enjoy your new made with love pillow:)

I will create a video soon when I make my new pillows for my brand new sectional and chair:)
In the mean time don't hesitate to ask questions.

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