Craft Room

I posted an inspiration board of my craft room a while ago but since then have changed my mind on the route I want to go. I wanted to create something fun and girly for me. A place that I can escape to and enjoy being surrounded by something feminine and relaxing. Enter in the color pink:) If I had it my way every room in my house would have the color pink in it, but since I have a manly man hubby that has friends over often I am limited to my daughter's bedroom and the playroom. Both of those rooms aren't rooms that I can sit in, relax, read or stimulate my creativity. So I have chosen to go with pinks in my craft room instead of turquoise!
Here is the inspiration board I have come up with:
I am sure a few things will change when I begin to redecorate. I can't help it... I am an indecisive person:)
Oh and BTW that fabulous pink chair is only $19.99 at Ikea!!

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