Crocheting for the upcoming cold weather:)

I have been one busy mommy! Crocheting has been a hobby of mine for years, since my Nanny taught me when I was little. Right before fall every year I begin taking orders and crocheting for the colder weather. I just recently started making crochet hats and now I am selling them on my Etsy account

Here are some of the hats I have up for sale right now

I am working on more styles and characters so bear with me if my posts become further and further apart. I have kind of put my home renovations on hold until I finish all the orders and get some more free time. I do however plan on giving my kitchen a makeover before Christmas so pics of that will be coming soon:)

If your interested in any crochet hats for the upcoming cool weather stop by my Etsy and make a purchase!

You can keep your head and ears nice and toasty, without losing any of your personalty:)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your hats! Can't wait for the cold weather. Would you be willing to share with me where you found the pattern for the crochet applique longhorn? I have some friends that would love hats for their kids but I don't know that I'm a good enough crocheter (is that a word?) to figure it out on my own. Thank you!

    1. Hello Kristin,
      I just found your comment! I guess I have to physically check the comments on my posts, because I wasn't notified I recieved one:/

      I'm sorry I actually don't have a pattern for the Longhorn, it's actually just something I came up with. Maybe I can have hubby take pics of me crocheting it, so I can come up with some sort of tutorial for it. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Jenny,
    There was a hat you sold on etsy that looked like a cheetah print (tan and black splotches with ears and a black bow). I only have a picture that someone forwarded to me. Can you tell me what stitch you used for that hat - single or double crochet, or something else. I'd love to make one for my granddaughter. It looks like it may be a bit airier (sp?)of a stitch. And did you just do a few stitches of the black and tan to make it look like that or was the yarn variegated? Mary