First day of school and dress up closets

Today was my daughter, Jaelyn's (3) first day of preschool!
I seriously thought I was going to be a hot mess, but instead I was so excited for my little munchkin.
I am very blessed, I have been able to stay home with her for 3 year whole years! thanks to my hardworking, loving husband. I didn't miss anything and have been there everyday to see my little baby grow into a beautiful "big girl" (to me 3 is hardly "big", but she insist she is a "big girl"!
To me she will always be my baby:)

Changing the subject, just a little.
I made a dress up closet for my mini's playroom, and her teacher saw it and fell in love!
So she wanted me to make one for the classroom. Boy's will be using it too, so it needed to be a gender neutral color (she choose a bright blue) and have gender neutral wording on the front
 (I choose "Imagine")

please excuse the camera phone pics

Aren't they adorable!
These dress up closets are super easy to make too!!
I found this dress up closet plan
and first made the pink one for my daughter, it was a fun learning experience!
The blue one for my daughter's classroom came along a little easier cause I knew exactly what I had to do. I love the way they came out and couldn't be happier.
Ana White has a ton of amazing diy plans you HAVE to check them out:)

Have a good weekend!!

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