Pink Owl Baby Shower

My SIL is obsessed with owls, as am I, so I knew a pink owl theme baby shower was the way to go!
I hosted the baby shower at my house, cleared out my formal living room, and rented tables, chairs, and linens from a local party rental place. I wanted to keep everything light, and airy, with "woodsy" touches.
I choose the colors white, and pink, and brought in some twin, and burlap to kind of give that rustic feel.
I found little nests, and twigs at Hobby Lobby to place in the flower centerpieces, and made little pink, white, and tan owls to add some extra cuteness.
The favors: handmade sugar scrub for hands, in a small mason jar.

I made the mommy to be a diaper cake topped with a sweet pink owl found at Target:)


Smore pops: marshmallow dipped in chocolate, and covered with crushed graham crackers!

Using my Cricut I made pink, white, and tan owl cupcake toppers, and burlap, and lace flowers.

 Using an owl mold I found on Amazon, I made yummy pink vanilla owls.... they were a hit!
I love owls too, so I used my own owls to decorate with.

I took a tiny Styrofoam ball that I already had, and wrapped it with yarn, made little yarn wings, and yarn ears to make an adorable owl.




I found these cool owl lanterns in the dollar bins at Target! Such a lucky find!!






I love the way it turned sweet:)


  1. Your SIL is one lucky girl! Such a gorgeous baby shower!

  2. Where did you get your owl flower pots? I have been looking for them all over and havent found them! You had such a beautiful baby shower! Congratulations on your new member!

  3. I always thought that owls were more gender neutral than for girls. But this one can fit right in baby shower ideas for girls. And i also loved the way it turned out.

  4. I have been searching for weeks for a pink owl cupcake topper. My boss has asked me to make cupcakes for her daughters baby shower. Your toppers pictured would fit the shower theme perfect (pink & tan/brown). Can you please tell me where you got them?

  5. Emilee,
    I made the owl cupcake toppers, using my cricut. You should be able to find some similar on etsy. A lot of shop owners will customize for you, so you can have exactly what you. Hope that helps.

  6. What kinds of flowers did you use?